Eye Disease Update {Blindsided}

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Hi All! Just wanted to give you an update on my eye disease…

I went to see Dr. R last week for my monthly check up to see how my eye is progressing. More importantly, how my gas bubble is dissipating.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t great news. Although my gas bubble has decreased in size, Dr. R was able to see that the macular hole in my eye did not close. There really isn’t anything more he can do for me. He told me that a third surgery on my right eye is pointless and may cause more harm. I wasn’t too upset as I had assumed the hole was still there because the vision over the top of the bubble is starting to show wavy again. Dr. R says  the waviness should calm over time. I am hopeful to see a bit of progress so I can have a little more independence with driving and exercising. As if the hole being there wasn’t bad enough, I am developing a cataract in my right eye though. We had expected this. Dr. R says after the first of the year we will address the cataract surgery.

Regarding my left eye, no hole! Dr. R is scheduling surgery on my left eye on one to two weeks. His goal is to form the eye and remove the scar tissue before my eye tears or a hole appears. Dr. R gave me the option of scheduling surgery after the holidays, but I don’t want to take any chances of developing a hole in my left eye. If we catch it quick enough, I can have good (non-wavy) vision in my left eye. I expect a cataract will develop in my left eye as well. We will take care of those surgeries after the new year. (Seems cataract surgery will be a breeze in comparison!)

I was so happy to hear from a writer I just met on a book launch team who happened to have the same eye situation. Its nice to know I am not alone! If you have a story or experiences to share, I’d love to hear them!

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