Surgery number 3 {Blindsided}

Thursday is the day! My third surgery. This time on my left eye AKA my good eye. I am a little more frightened about this surgery. Very anxious in fact. You see my left eye is my “good” eye. Now my doctor will try to repair my “good” eye and insert a gas bubble behind my eye to support the healing process. I know the chances of gaining better eyesight in my left eye are much greater given there is not a macular hole. But still…knowing my left eye will be blocked by a large round black circle prohibiting clear vision for 2 months is daunting. Add in the fact that I will have to be face down for 10 days which covers the week of Thanksgiving and it becomes downright depressing.

However, I am grateful for several things:

  • My Dad is driving down the day before my surgery to help my hubby take care of me for five days. The bonus is he and hubby are going to fix our Thanksgiving Feast to enjoy on Sunday.
  • This should be my last major eye surgery. Fingers crossed they can repair the damage to my left eye and I will have somewhat restored vision in my left eye and it will be strong enough to “help” my right eye to see better.
  • My Mom is coming to stay for the whole month of December!  After a very rough year, it will be nice to take a break in December and enjoy the holidays knowing the worst is behind us.
  • My doctor is so kind and caring. I am confident in his care and knowledge. I feel safe and right now that is so important to me.

I can’t wait to start the new year with a fresh outlook (no pun intended!) I am excited to push this blog even farther. I am excited to run and exercise and drive again! I will post updates when I am able. Prayers are always appreciated!

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