Gray is Not My Favorite Color

Let me just get it right out there…..gray is not my favorite color. I am not trendy or cool or up-to-date. I don’t do modern. I don’t do eclectic. I do ME. And me doesn’t like gray. Turn on any decorating show or look in the popular decor magazines or look on most decorating blogs today and you will see the most beautifully put together rooms and homes. But most are gray….

    darkgraymaster   graybedroom   graykitchen grayloft   grayporchexterior

I met an acquaintance at lunch one day who had never been to my home. She spoke in length about trends and colors. Her biggest pet peeve she said were white appliances. I sat and listened to her describe the people who owned white appliances as boring and plain and not up-to-date and trendy. She spoke of stainless steel, granite counter tops and gray walls. I left the lunch feeling pretty crappy about my house and myself.  You ever have one of those conversations that you question all your life choices? 

I thought about my stinking white appliances and decided I loved them. I laughed at the thought that someone would judge a person based on their home decorations. I laughed at myself that I spent way too much time thinking about white appliances and what was trendy. I also decided I didn’t like gray….

colorexterior   colorfullivingroom   colorfulentryway                                          colorful dining area   redkitchen

My point is this: Love what you love. Decorate how you want. It is your home Your home should reflect your personality and surround you with peace. Some people embrace gray. Perhaps its calming? Some people crave color. Maybe its happy? Find peace within your home and don;t let pictures or blogs or trends tell you what you like.


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