A Sweet Birthday Wish for Hannah!

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We are officially in the Christmas spirit in our home! I love when the tree is decorated and the calm at night when the tree lights are on.

Unlike the new year, when I get ready to jump into a new mindset, the month of December I take time to reflect and gather my thoughts.

I pray. I read. I listen to music. With all the hustle “outside”, it is important I meditate and relax and keep my mindset on what’s important to me.

For some of us that’s letting go of the housework, homework or a party or two. Don’t ever underestimate your feeling inside when you need peace and reflection. That’s your spirit telling you to refocus.  I have to remind myself often.

This month instead of setting a ton of goals, I decided to set only one goal. To reflect. I’ve made some mistakes this year. Friends I love have come and go in my life.

People come into your life for a season and a reason. 


For you, it may be a season of sadness or anger or resentment or loneliness. I want you to know how important YOU are. Do NOT believe those that say you don’t add anything to this life.

Take your time to reflect and be at peace with yourself. It’ll be worth it!


Take some time for you!


I want to wish my sweet, beautiful, kind daughter a Happy Birthday! She is 22 years old today.


I am so proud of the young lady she has become and will be. She is a Senior in college pursuing a double major in Human Biology and Bio Chemistry. He husband is currently deployed in Saudi Arabia. It has not been an easy road this past year for her, but she never gives up. We are blessed she is our daughter!



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