Why I am Starting to Love Shopping at Walmart Again

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I love meal planning, making a list and organizing my pantry and freezer.

I hate grocery shopping. The task of shopping was harder when I lost part of my eyesight and looking at all of the print on products on the shelves was overwhelming.

Add to that my increasing aggravation at some of the employees and shoppers and I felt like I was losing my cool.

I only went shopping once a month if possible. (We don’t drink a lot of milk and I get fresh vegetables at the Farmers Market).

There are many grocery stores for me to pick from, but until recently with the opening of Aldi, the prices were a lot cheaper at Walmart.

As I was skimming through Facebook, an ad popped up for Walmart Grocery Pickup in my area. I decided to check it out and entered my zip code to see if it was offered in our city and was surprised to see it has just started in our area.

I decided to try it out.

I’m in love!

Check HERE to see if Walmart Grocery Pickup is available for you!

First step is to register for a Walmart Grocery Account. It’s free and quick to complete.

Next step is to reserve your pick up day and time. You are allotted an hour time frame to pick up your groceries.

Finally, start filling up your cart! Use the search bar to find items. Click on the heart symbol to add to your favorites list. The minimum purchase amount is $30. Easy enough!

When I finished shopping for my groceries, I checked out through My Cart.

On the day of pick up I got a text and an email that my order was packed and ready for pick up at my registered time. The text also included an app link and I downloaded the app. Once the app was downloaded I was able to “check in” when I was on my way and I parked at the orange parking spaces on the side of the building.

I am pretty sure I chuckled out loud when I passed the people looking for a parking space 🙂

The app didn’t work so I called the number on the parking sign (think pick up order to go for a restaurant). The sweet lady who answered the phone asked me what space I was in and said she would be be right out.

Sure enough, two minutes later and she walked out the doors with a crate dolly. I got out of my car and she said “no need to get out of your car, I will load everything into your trunk for you”. Say WHAT?!

She let me know what Items had to be substituted. I ordered a $2.98 bag of miniature candy bars and since they didn’t have them in stock they substituted with a $7.98 bag with no extra charge to me. Score!

In fact, several items had to be substituted, but they gave me either a brand name or higher quantity item at no extra charge. My sweet bagger told me that was their grocery pickup policy. Definitely a win for me!

My first pick up I also got a cute little reusable bag with coupons and a pepsi and samples of items. All my items were well within expiration date. I purposefully ordered meat, produce, dairy, and fruit and vegetables to see what the quality was like. Every item was exceptional!


In California, there is a charge for bags of 10 cents each. However, you can bring your own bags and they’ll bag your items for you when loading.

Each time, I bring my bags and they bag all my like items together. It’s a dream to unpack my bags at home now because all my refrigerated items are together, pantry items together, etc.

I do love Aldi, but the convenience of picking up my items is priority for me. I also like the win of sticking to my grocery list and not being “enticed” by the marketing while I shop. It is definitely as money saver for our grocery budget.

I highly recommend Walmart Grocery Pick up!

Let me know what you think in the comments!


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