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Merry Christmas! 

First,  wanted to thank each of you for your fellowship here on the blog! I am excited for new content and two new books I am writing to be released next year. I am hopeful that we can each learn something new and trade experiences in 2019!

Although this blog is not a decorating or DIY blog, I do believe that each person’s home should be a reflection of who they are (especially not magazine worthy) and their home should be a haven. Our home does not have the latest trends on colors and decor, but we love it. It is ours. It has our memories built in it.

So, I am sharing a few pictures of Christmas at our home:

Welcome to our front porch!

A cute Christmas tree farm sign my husband made.  I love it. I tried a Christmas Tree Farm theme this year.


This is our formal living room with an antique buffet that was my husband’s grandmother’s.



Our dining room all set up for Christmas dinner. On the menu:

Maple Pecan Ham, Sweet Potato Casserole, 5 Cup Salad, Winter Green Salad, Jalapeno Cornbread and Sweet Treats! Probably a mean game of Dominos after dinner!

A sweet story about our Christmas dishes: Our first Christmas after we were married, my husband was stationed in New Jersey. We were far from family and couldn’t travel home and had very little money. We went shopping at the Navy Exchange (military general store) to look around and I saw this 16 piece / 4 place setting on a table in the front of the store on clearance. I think they were about $25. We decided to forgo big gifts that year so we could buy the dishes.  A couple of years later, my husband found the same set and added to our collection. We have used these same dishes for 25 years now. They are not expensive china, but I couldn’t bear to ever get rid of them. They will go to our daughter one day. Sometimes its the stories behind the treasures that mean the most. Don’t you agree?


Our family room where the large tree lives. I love having the tree lights on and the fireplace going.

A couple of table centerpieces…

And finally a sweet treat to leave you with!

I hope you have a wonderful and PEACEFUL Christmas!


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