When setting BOUNDARIES mean you’re out of the family

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Do you fear getting the call telling you someone you love is in the hospital and in critical condition?

What if you never got the call? 

This is what happened to me in July 2016

Technically, I did get a call, but it was from my brother in Arizona asking me “What’s up with Dad?”

“I am not sure. I haven’t talked with him in a few months” I responded. My brother goes on to tell me that our Dad has had a major heart attack and is in the hospital and will have open heart surgery.  He received a text from our stepmom telling him and my youngest brother about my Dad’s condition.

How could I  not get a call from her when I live 2 miles away from them?


I had established personal relationship boundaries with my Dad and in exchange for not tolerating disrespect to me or my family, my time, my truths, my health and my home, I was (according to him and my stepmom) out of the family.

At least that is what their actions revealed.

I loved my Dad and our extended families very much. My Dad and I had always been very, very close. More so when we lived 2 miles away from each other.

My heart aches that I wasn’t given a call that there was something wrong with my Dad that was life altering and critical. When I called my stepmom to find out what what was wrong with my Dad and I confronted her with why I wasn’t notified, her response was “You didn’t want anything to do with your Dad, so I didn’t let you know.”

I don’t tell this story to “shame” my Dad or stepmom (although I feel she should apologize for being disrespectful), I tell this story to share the repercussions from setting boundaries with the relationships in your life.


I really want to make my point. I have no regrets. I had conversations with my extended family about being disrespectful to me. I needed to do this for my happiness and self-respect.

I want to add to the discussion that I am not innocent in overstepping boundaries with others.

I have also participated in family “gossip” and said inappropriate things about other people in my family so I share blame. Sometimes I must set boundaries within myself too….about not gossiping, disrespecting others and holding myself to a higher standard and having integrity when it comes to others boundaries as well.

Are you dealing with BOUNDARIES issues in your life? I highly recommend this book:


If I am being completely honest here….I have had to read it several times.  It provides great insight to why we must establish boundaries and be true to our own self for the betterment of relationships we have.

Here are some warning signs that you may need to establish boundaries with others:


  • Does the person expect you to drop what you are doing to help them at a moments notice?
  • Are you doing more for the person time wise than they would take doing it for themselves?
  • Do they drop by unannounced and stay for long periods of time with no attention to the time?


  • Does the person ask personal questions about your health or body?
  • Does the person give unsolicited advice regarding your finances or health or family?
  • Does the person “assume” the facts of your life without finding out if what they are saying is true?

Values & Morals

  • Does the person try to shame or coerce you into “their” way of thinking if you do not agree on an issue?
  • Does the person tell you who you are or what you are feeling?
  • Is the person loud and combative when talking about an issue?
  • Does the person insult you or your values?

Although, thankfully, I have not dealt with all of these issues in my relationships, even just one or two of these warning signs can lead to an unequal balance in a relationship.

An update on Dad: He had open heart surgery. I was able to see and talk with him at the hospital before his surgery. His last words to me were “I Love You”. That was all my heart needed. My Dad passed away on August 10, 2016. I do not regret setting boundaries with him or others I have a relationship with. I am grateful I was able to reconnect with him before he died.

How about you? Do you have trouble setting boundaries with others?

Please share your story .

It may help someone else dealing with the same issue. 


Sharing is caring!

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  1. I have always had problems with boundaries because of the type of person I am. I have a big heart. It is easy to take advantage of a person with a big heart. My biggest boundary challenges used to be with relationships with the opposite sex. I eventually learned my worth was greater than I previously believed. I found my husband and have been happily married for almost 24 years now.

    I also have boundary problems with about three people in my life who have mental issues. (Hey, I do too, so I am not being judgmental.) These three are very needy in different ways. It is very difficult because many others have walked away. It is hard for me to do that.

    Yes, you could say I definitely have problems with boundaries and need to be very careful and honest with myself and others.

    1. Very, very insightful Niecy! Do you think you have boundary issues with overstepping your boundaries with others? (Asking more from them than you would do for yourself) or people overstep and cross a line with you into your personal business?

      I often have to ask myself if I do that others. Sometimes its harder to look at oneself than it is to blame others.

      Thanks you for sharing your perspective!!