2019 Summer Home Tour

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I scroll through Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook and see these pictures of gorgeous homes and I feel inadequate!

I love my home and who I share it with, but I sometimes get discouraged with repairs and improvements.

We may not have decorated with the latest trends (I don’t love grey or shiplap or chippy furniture), but what we do have is a home that is ours. A home we plan to pay off within 5 years.

A home that is FULL of memories and comfy furniture and flowers.

Lots of flowers!

I am sharing my home with you to encourage you to be happy in the space you are in. Make your home YOUR haven. Do not compare your space with the space of another. My taste in decor may not be your taste and that’s ok. I hope you are inspired to create your own space.

Come on in!

Welcome to our entryway, living room and dining room.

These rooms don’t get a lot of use except at the holidays or Sunday morning coffee.

Do you have rooms like that?

Moving on into the Family Room and Kitchen. The kitchen is the main reason we fell in love with this house. It is the central gathering place when family and friends come over!

Our dog, Oreo, is ready to greet you in the Breakfast Room!

Breakfast Room

Let’s go into the laundry room. It connects the garage and hallway to the kitchen. It is a little dark so I painted it a bright yellow and added oversized decor.

I really love it!

I will take you outside. The back patio area is a work in progress. I want to add trees and shrubs to “insulate” this area. (As soon as it cools down again!)

Let’s head upstairs. That is where my office and all the bedrooms are.

So that was a little peek inside our home. I hope you thought it was cozy and warm. We do!

Coming up this week: chocolate covered Oreos and a weekly menu plan.

I hope you’ll join me!


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