Summer Menu Planning Calendars

Hi Friends!

When Hannah was living at home and life was so, so busy, I would plan our meals by the month.

I would go through the pantry and freezer (Hannah would write everything down) and plan our meals around what we already had in stock.

I also worked with a budget of $350 a month for food. All three of us would eat at home and pack lunches. That was sometimes tricky, but it worked as long as I was organized.

I printed out a paper calendar and I would write down our meals. Usually planning one day a week for a certain type of food.

Pinterest wasn’t around then so I would go through magazines and cookbooks and write down recipes. There was a website called and I also subscribed to a magazine called Taste of Home. My mother-in-law and grandmother gave me a lot of recipes to try also.

These days it’s just Wayne and me. Our budget is $300 a month. We do allow more room in the budget for eating out since we are almost debt free (I will talk more about that on Fridays post). BUT, we eat at home three meals a day for the most part.

I made some cute weekly and monthly calendars and a master grocery list for Summer to make your menu planning easier!

All you need to do is enter your email and you will receive a download for all three calendars and the master grocery list. I will change these out seasonally to make it fun.

Let me know if there are any more meal planning tips you’d like to read about. Also, check out this post 10 ways to make eating at home fun & easy!




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