2020 Summer Home Tour

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Welcome to our home!

Summer 2020 Home Tour | One Step Woman

Our Summer season in Southern California lasts a lllooonnnnggg time! This year it seems to be extremely hot. My flowers have felt the burn so if you see any wilting, well water just couldn’t cure the heat!

Summer 2020 Home Tour | One Step Woman
2021 Summer Home Tour | One Step Woman

Come on inside! 

Living Room | One Step Woman

This is our formal living room. It gets used for coffee on Sunday mornings and when the neighbors come to visit.

Did you notice the SCHULTZ sign?  Yep, Wane and I made it. Here is how we made it!

Many memories around this table. We have moved this table under the window to hold food while dragging fold up tables in here to feed a crowd.

We once had Thanksgiving for 25 people where we stretched tables the full length of dining room, entry way and living room. Best Thanksgiving ever!

This is our family room. Pretty much all our downtime is spent in here. We just purchased the IKEA sectional sofa. Our old sectional had seen better days! I am planning to “fix” the rectangle coffee table that no longer works in here. Coming up soon!

The family room opens to the kitchen.  

  Let’s go out back.

I have done a lot of work out here this year. I hated being inside when the pandemic hit so, I decided to give the backyard a mini makeover. I didn’t quite get my full list done out here, but it has come a long way. 

I sanded and stained all the furniture. 

I did a little re-do on a $50 bakers rack. I use it as a potting station.

We refurbished our fence. It was so faded and weathered. We added strips of wood to the gaps. Then replaced all the wood bracing that was falling off. Wayne stained it a dark stain. 

I hired someone to add curbing and rocks. I planted three fruit trees which have grown quite nicely this Summer.   

The retaining wall was installed when we first moved in to this house 15 years ago. I am proud to say all the plants and flowers were bought at Lowe’s and Home Depot in the clearance section. A little TLC and they are huge and healthy. 

I made a little seating area for Wayne and I to sit out at night after dinner. He may have fallen asleep a time or two.

I found this hutch outside an antique store. It was $75. I took it home and painted it. I love it! 

See that stool on the side? Wayne found it with no seat. I sanded the rust off, painted it and added  the cute padded seat. 

Wayne picked up this antique trolley for $20! I left it chippy and rustic. It’s perfect to hold flowers and small vegetable pots. 

Fall Decor is going on here soon. Will be so cute!

My house isn’t perfect. Some may not like the colors or the cabinets or the furniture. That’s okay by me.  

I decorate my home for me and my family. 

Please don’t fall into the comparison trap with what you see on social media and on TV or in magazines. Just be you!

Do you have a Home Tour to share? Let me know in the comments and I will come visit!

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