How to Build a Family Name Frame

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This week Wayne and I are working on a sweet Family Name Frame that will hang in our living room above an antique buffet Wayne’s grandmother gave to us before she passed away. 


Family Name Frame!   

Step 1: 

Gather all your supplies before you begin your project. Here is your project list:
  • Insert: One 1/2″ plywood piece measuring 25″ x 45″ 
  • Frame: Two 51″ side pieces, Two 31 1/4″ end pieces cut from 1 x 4 strips
  • Four corner bracing pieces from leftover 1 x 4 wood strip
  • Stain of your choice
  • Paint of your choice
  • Two large metal hanging brackets
  • Wall anchors
  • Vinyl Family Name


Step 2:

Cut your plywood to the desired size. We wanted a large frame so our final sign size is 51″ x 32″. Paint plywood in your desired color. I painted three coats of paint.  

Add vinyl name according to instructions. 


Step 3: 

Cut your frame pieces. Wayne miter cut the pieces for a finished look. Stain or paint. Let dry.  Attach corner braces with wood glue and brad nails. 

The corner braces also allow the frame to set out from the wall when hanging. 

Using brad nails, secure the plywood piece to back of frame.  

Step 4:

Add metal hanging brackets. Secure wall anchors to wall before hanging.


Step 5:

Enjoy your new Family Name Frame.

Here is the link to purchase your own Custom Vinyl Family Name.


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