4 Steps to a Squeaky Clean Dishwasher

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Each week my hubby Wayne and I tackle a do-it-yourself project to clean and maintain an organized life!     

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This week we tackled our dishwasher. 

Now some people would think that since your dishwasher cleans the dishes that it should always be fresh and clean and not need to be washed, but that isn’t the case!

Food, debris and minerals get caked in the filter and can make your dishwasher dirty and even moldy.

The same can happen with your clothes washer too! We will tackle that on a different post so stay tuned! Gather all your supplies before you begin your project.   Here is your supply list:


All-purpose Cleaning Spray

Baking Soda

White Vinegar


Step 1

Remove all baskets and attachments from dishwasher. 

Let soak in hot soapy water.

Spray cleaning spray on insides and bottom of dishwasher. 

Step 2: 

Sprinkle baking soda in bottom of dishwasher.

Pour one cup of white vinegar on baking soda. It will bubble up!  

Pour one cup of bleach into a glass cup and place on top drawer of dishwasher. 

Step 3: 

Run dishwasher on quick wash on high heat setting.


Step 4:

Wipe down inside and outside edges of dishwasher.

Reassemble attachments.

Some dishwashers have a cleaning cycle.

Our dishwasher does, but it will clean for 7 hours. I don’t think it is energy efficient to use the cleaning cycle for that long when this method gets the dishwasher just as clean. 

Let me know how this worked for you! 

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