How to Create a Holiday Box for Our Troops

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Hi Friends! We have been sending packages of love to our troops for years now! 

Want to know how to create a holiday box for our troops?

How To Create A Holiday Box For Our Troops | One Step Woman


Our daughter has been very clever in her designs trying to keep the boxes filled with food from home and necessary items they can’t find overseas.

So many soldiers and sailors wait for boxes to arrive so they can have a little taste of home.

Sadly, many military don’t get mail or cards or boxes. This is why we started sending holiday boxes to our troops, but we also send boxes throughout the year.  

I can’t imagine being overseas and not receiving a piece of home.

Can I ask you to think about making a holiday box and sending to our troops? 


Here are some ideas to make a memorable box they will appreciate:


“A Little Piece of Home”

His / her favorite foods,  home state beef jerky/ foods, home state shirt or pajamas, coffee cup, magnet

 “Under the Sea”

Goldfish Crackers, Hawaiian Punch Packets (Surfer on the front), gummy octopus, Tuna Helper, salt water taffy, shrimp Top Ramen, swedish fish, Lifesavers

“Breakfast Box”

instant oatmeal, pancake mix, Carnation Breakfast Essentials, orange juice mix packets, box cereal, new toothbrush, coffee and tea

“We Will Always Be Under the Same Sky”

movies, dark boxes of food, date night foods or snacks

“Movie Night”

new movies, popcorn boxes, microwave popcorn, movie candy, soda/water powder mix-ins, beef jerky, fuzzy socks

“End of Summer” 

Lemonheads, new t-shirt, sunscreen, aloe vera gel, Hawaiian or Tropical scented deodorant or soap, Pringles, sunflower seeds

“Get Well Soon”

pajama pants, Tylenol, protein powder, cough drops, Vitamin C EmergenC, band-aids, Neosporin, Tums, suckers/lollipops, tea, Top Ramen

“You Spice Up My Life” 

taco seasoning, rice in a bag, spice powder mixes (swedish meatballs, hollandaise sauce, dry rub for meat), canned enchilada sauce, corn tortillas, canned refried beans, canned pizza sauce, bag pizza crust mix, sriracha sauce, Pad Thai noodles/ rice noodles,  Annie Chun’s microwave meals

“Thanksgiving / Holiday Dinner”

box stuffing/ dressing, instant mashed potatoes, canned yams, green bean casserole: canned green beans, canned cream of mushroom soup, fried onions, dry biscuit mix, canned corn, turkey jerky, turkey spam, dry gravy mix, apple cider mix, cranberry sauce, handheld pies, paper plates, plastic silverware, tablecloth, paper napkins, disposable foil trays

“Gingerbread Box”

gingerbread house kit, squeeze tube icing, sprinkles, decorative gingerbread (for cupcakes), hot chocolate packets

” Winter /Holiday”

Hostess sno-balls, wintergreen gum, peppermint tea, fun socks, Christmas movie, candy canes, thin blanket, window clings

“New Years Eve”

champagne shaped bottle filled with candy, new wall calendar, candy sushi, party hats, paper horns


A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • some countries have different religious beliefs and customs. Please check to see what is allowed to be received in that region. If you pack a not allowed item, it will be confiscated.
  • glass and sharp objects and carbonated items will break and ruin all the other items.
  • some regions get very, very warm so double check if chocolate / candy will melt.

Here are a few items to include in a box:

drink mixes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, energy bars, beef jerky, Slim Jims, granola bars, spam, canned meats, hot sauce, Nutella, cookies, crackers, trail mix, nuts, lip balm, sunscreen, cough drops, icy hot, books, magazines, crossword puzzles, movies, games & most important cards and photos from home! 

The United States Post Office  offers FREE Military Care Package Kits.

They will send to you:

Two APO /FPO flat rate boxes, four medium flat rate boxes, Priority Mail tape, address labels, and customs forms.

Order online to get the supplies shipped directly to you! How easy is that?

After you pack your box, you will pay a small flat rate fee to ship.

There are many organizations that sponsor care packages to troops:

Any Soldier

Support Our Troops

Operation Gratitude

Operation Shoebox


So, what do you think? Great idea?

Lifting the spirits of those who can’t be home for the holidays is a small way you can make a difference for those who protect and serve.

Let me know what ideas you created for your box!

Want more inspiration to help serve this year? Meet me on Pinterest for more creative ideas!

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