Meet The Farmhouse: FAQ

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Hi Friends!

I received many questions about why we moved, where we moved to and details about The Farmhouse so I thought I would answer a few questions here.

I hope you will follow along as Wayne and I start our next chapter building our family farm!

Why did you move?

In January 2021, we received a call from our daughter, Hannah, that she had been in a car accident with her boyfriend and his son. They were rear-ended in their car while at a stoplight on a Sunday afternoon by a drunk driver going 70 miles an hour. Because she was 5 hours away, we felt helpless. She suffered a severe back injury. All three of them were extremely shaken. We resolved that we need to make some changes and started the process of thinking about a permanent move to Arizona.

The following week, Wayne received a diagnosis of Peripheral Neuropathy. Wayne suffers from many medical issues following his service in the military. Many of his illnesses stem from Gulf War Syndrome. We have fought to get hm the care from the VA. With the diagnosis of Peripheral Neuropathy, he was finally awarded 100% Service Connected Disability from the VA We decided the risk was too great to continue running our business.

Where is The Farmhouse located?

The Farmhouse is located in Yavapai County near Prescott in Northern Arizona. We are about an hour from the Grand Canyon.

How big is The Farmhouse?

Built in 2021, The Farmhouse is 1,800 square feet on 1.25 acres. There are three bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms.

Why is The Farmhouse called a Family Farm?

A family farm is a farm owned and operated by a family passed through the generations. Our farm is just beginning and will be passed to our daughter.

Although we will eventually sell goods such as baked items, eggs, fruit, nuts, and vegetables the food raised on the farm is consumable by our family.

What is the name of your family farm?

What are the future plans to build the farm?

We have installed a no climb welded fence that surrounds the property.

We have sectioned off the property. First up, we are building a workshop for Wayne at the back right side of the property. The Workshop will be done this Spring.

Then retaining wall and grass for backyard.

The third part of the yard will be chickens, raised vegetable gardens, fruit and nut trees, berry patches and cutting flower garden.

Can I take a tour now?

Meet The Farmhouse

We welcome any questions you may have! We can’t wait for you to come along to see all the changes!

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  1. I love your beautiful new farm! I am sorry about the accident and your daughters injury I hope that she is doing much better. Looking forward to seeing more of the farm and watching it grow!