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Hi Friends!

Collage of Spring menu planning calendars

Spring is finally here in Arizona! The weather is definitely different here than in California. We have 4 seasons for sure. I love it.

Many activities happening here at The Farmhouse. Wayne’s workshop kit was delivered today. This means are next couple of weeks will be all about building The Workshop.

We may have to wait awhile for the vegetable and flower gardens, but we bought our raspberry, blackberry and grape plants, We need to start planting now in The Garden. It feels great to be outside and planning.

Which brings me to planning…menu planning that is! Just enter your information and have my FREE menu planning calendars delivered to your email.

I have a bunch of fun recipes to share this Spring. Also, Easter is on my mind. So many fun things to share. Having a new 7 year old grandson makes the holidays so much more fun!

Want to peek at what is cooking in The Kitchen? I have recipes for Cherry Delight, Hummingbird Cake and Lemon Drop Cookies.

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  1. What an exciting time for you Deanna! I love that you’re planting grape plants (my fav) because that will be a beautiful harvest in a few years.

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