Frequently Asked Questions

Deanna Schultz | One Step Woman

So, why did I start a blog and what is a typical day like for me?

I answer those questions and more right here! For a deeper introduction, read more ABOUT ME. 

Why did you start the blog?

With my experiences and the chance at a renewed life, I want to share the challenges I have faced and overcome. 

Sharing my life experiences along with creating I life a love and sharing with others is what I am meant to do!

I am a child of divorce, victim of molestation at the hands of my paternal grandfather, wife of a veteran suffering from PTSD.

I am partially blind, suffered a cancer scare which resulted in a full hysterectomy only to find out three months later I had Stage 3b Beast Cancer. 

My father died in August 2016 of a suspicious death and I work tirelessly to find the answers related to his death.

Where do you live?   

I live in Northern Arizona with my husband of 27 years, Wayne.  We have a beautiful, grown daughter Hannah who lives nearby. She is engaged to wonderful man, Kody and the future stepmother to a sweet seven year old boy..  

Besides being a writer, what do you do for a living?

Wayne and I formerly owned a property inspection business for 12 years. We closed our business in 2021. We followed our dream (and daughter) to Arizona and purchased a new farmhouse on an acre and a half of land. We are starting a small family farm growing fruit and nut trees, a berry patch, vegetable and flower garden and chickens.  

How can I start a blog?

I am not a blogging expert, but I learned from taking a class with Shannon Mattern, Thistlewood Farms, and The Design Twins Teach.  These are not affiliate links. I have learned so much from their classes that I like to share them with you. 

What is a typical day like for you?

No day is “typical” , but I try to block time so that each aspect of our blog and home life are balanced. 

I usually wake at 7am. I get ready for my day by showering, getting fully dressed with makeup. (I find this sets up my day). Wayne usually makes us breakfast for us. I clean the kitchen, lay out what we are having for dinner, take my vitamins and prescriptions and head to the “office” which is a my office space in our farmhouse. 

There are plenty of tasks to get done outside.  We are building Wayne’s workshop and developing our landscape. Chickens will come in the Spring!

I wouldn’t trade the blessed life I have for anything!  

Where can I find the items to purchase from your home?

I have a SHOP! You can find all my favorite things!

How can we work together?

I collaborate with brands and products that I would personally use in my home. You can CONTACT ME to see if we are a good fit! 

I hope I answered a few of your questions on why I started a blog and what is a typical day for me. I am so excited you are here!

I hope I can inspire you to CREATE your best life!